Out-of-Work List Basics: What is an Out-of-Work List

What is an Out of Work List?

An Out of Work List is a mechanism typically used by Union Locals to manage a list of members currently out of work. The location where the list is managed and overseen is called a 'referral hall'. Referral halls can have physical requirements, where the member must be on site to be dispatched, or they may allow members to be contacted electronically in order to be dispatched to available jobs. The rules of the out of work list and related referral hall are dependent upon the local and do vary by jurisdiction.

In nearly all union locals, out of work lists are designed to ensure members are treated fairly and to help avoid favoritism. This is done generally by dispatching members who have been out of work for a longer period of time. In general a member must ensure that they maintain good standing with their Union local.


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